Crazy young mom of 3

I am 26 years old with 3 small children. My hubby has 2 kids of his own. I work, feel like I am going insane most days, but somehow I manage to make it thru. My life is crazy...

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Avon walk for Breast Cancer

I just wanted to write about Breats cancer and how important it is for women and men to get checked regularly for it. Women make sure you are getting your mammograms regularly. Next year I am planning on joining many in the Avon Breast cancer walk. Although I personally have not been afftected by breast cancer, nor do I know anyone who has had it, I have read MANY articles about it and how hard it is and how it can afftect your life. I want to do my share and walk. I want to raise $1800 for this. I will walk for 2 days (basically) sleep in a tent, go home sore, but hey I did my part. If you want to read more about it go here:
I encourage everyone to walk, donate, volunteer, do something. Don't just sit on your butt that weekend. It's not only going to LA, but many other cities/states.


Thursday, November 17, 2005


So I went to court today for a modification of a current child support order. The hubby came with me. My 5 year old son's father, I'll just call him BASTARD because that is what he is, didn't even have to come to court. He simply just had to call in. Granted he is 8 hours away, but if I have to take time off of work, loose one days pay, then he should have to come down here and be present in front of the judge as well. So a few years ago our child support was set at $632 a month. Now he has to pay $299 a month. All he seemed concerned with was wether or not he would get his license back. He lost it since he wasn't paying his child support. I just don't see how it is considered "OK" by society that you can pay $299 a month, still owe over 18,000 in back child support, and never make any attempts to come see your child. The reason I say it is ok by society is because when people question me as to how much he pays or wether he pays or sees his son, I usually answer well they garnish his wages. People then say "oh well at least he is paying." YOU try raising a child on $299 a month and see what happens. And how does his not coming to see his son be justified by the fact that he gets his wages garnished??? If the great state of California didn't garnish him, he never would pay OR see him! It is a good thing that I have a good job and a good husband to help me with him or I would be screwed. I know blah blah single people do it all the time, but I am married and it is still hard.

Anyways enough of him. The hubby and I went out with his friends Saturday night and OMG it was soooo much fun. He is in a motorcycle club, so we went to a clubhouse (not his) and then we went to a club brothers house for a birthday party. It was real cool. I am getting along with his friends pretty good so that excites me. One of his sisters was there (who I always have gotten along with) and his sister in law.

I took the whole day off today. Hubby is at his moms now, and my oldest is at school and my 2 little ones are at the sitter. Since I have to pay if they are there or not, I am going to be lazy and keep them there for 2 more hours. I am off to go lay down and relax without anyone bugging me. I live for moments like this since it never happens anymore.


Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Hey Hey I'm a G!

So I very recently married my dear hubby. We got married in August. I came to work today and they have offically changed my last name in the sytem to G. (I'm not giving you my real last name, if your one of my close friends you already know it, but it starts with a G)
Yeah I am excited. Sounds dumb to be excited over, but I hate my maiden last name.

I just wanted to share that I feel like an extreme junk food fanatic. I absolutely love white cake whth butter cream frosting. I was just going to get a cupcake (single one) at the store while grocery shopping last night, but they didn't have any. So I bought a small sized 10 dollar cake from the store and brought it to work to share with everyone. At the time it seemed like a good idea, but when I got here I realized how much I am just in love with junk food...oh well I get it from my mom.

This is probably one of the most random blogs today since I have so much on my mind so don't mind my rambling. I am frustrated with the hubby. I mean, I love him alot, but I just don't feel very good about us lately. Not that I want a divorce or anything. I just am frustrated. Like the other day for instance, I walked into the room, layed on the bed next to him, had my hand halfway up his shorts, and said jeeez i can't wait till the kids go to bed so we can just lay in the bed and love eachother. Not once did he look at me or even acknowledge the fact that I spoke, he just kept his eyes glued to the TV. I said did not you hear me?? He answered NO. So I said it again (loudly) and the only thing he said was "mmhmmm". Not a mmhmmm I want you type of way. More of a mmhmmm I am busy watching TV, no get out of the room and leave me to watch endless hours of TV without you anywhere in sight!
He's mine and I love him. He just doesn't smile alot anymore, and he always is kind of like in his own world. I know he is stressed. I know he is looking for a job and frustrated. I know he has been stepping up and REALLY taking care of the kids, and I am in a way getting accustomed to it too much, but still I am his wife..and when I proposition him he should respond willingly!! And when I am talking to him (at least some times) he should act half interested in what I am saying, and smile every once in a while instead of looking at me like I am of NO INTEREST to him.

haha okay I am done venting...thanks guys for listening!

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Will this day ever end??

So I am sitting here at work with not very much to do. I am trying to "look busy" but am not really succeeding. So I just got back from lunch and thought I would share my latest phone call with you. My mom calls. Here is how our phone call goes...
Me: Hello??
Mom: Hi, I just wanted to call to let you know your child support check came in the mail today.
Me: Okay
Mom:Yeah so i will put it in my purse so your husband doesn't see it
Me: ummmmmmmm okay, thanks, gotta go my food is ready.

Okay first off, my mom hides her bills from my dad. I do NOT do that. He has virtually NO CLUE what is going on (he doesn't even put gas in his own truck...ever) He has no idea how much money they have OR what bills they have. My husband can see my check. I do not hide things. How could you hide something such as your financial status from your husband? She's been doing it for YEARS and I just don't understand.

Since this is my first post I just thought I would share that I have 3 kids. My 5 year old son's dad was my first love. We broke up soon after he was born..he is a flake/idiot/moron...but I will go into that another day. I also have a 22 month old and 6 month old with my husband. He has a 10 year old and 12 year old from a previous relationship. Yeah...we got a football team going. Am i crazy for having all these kids?? Maybe. Who knows who cares right??

Well I better get back to work (at least look busy again) I will blog more latah!!