Crazy young mom of 3

I am 26 years old with 3 small children. My hubby has 2 kids of his own. I work, feel like I am going insane most days, but somehow I manage to make it thru. My life is crazy...

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

I'm slowwwww

I have been slow with my blogging but I promise to be better. I posted about Hat but forgot to tell you that his funeral was beautiful. If anyone is wondering who I am, we were there with the motorcycle club. Hubby and friends swear that they saw this person at the funeral....

Judge Mablean Ephriam. I am not sure if she was there or not...I didn't really care since I was so upset, but hubby made it clear that he wanted to go to her and say " I watch your show, well reruns now, every day and wish FOX was able to renew your contract, and oh BTW I love your new look" but said it was the wrong place and time, but if he saw her any where else he made it clear that is EXACTLY what he would say!!

Tribute to HAT

When tragedy strikes in our lives we find out who our true friends are, and what matters most to us. A friend of mine passed away recently. He is better known as "HAT."
Hat was killed by an act of violence that I will never understand. Hat was an awesome guy. At his funeral it was said that "HAT never meant any harm to anyone, he'd do anything for you."
Hat was killed because he witnessed someone else shooting at somebody, and in a very selfish manner the person shooting turned and shot Hat for fear that he would tell the police what he had witnessed. Hat had kids, grandkids, even a great grand child. He was killed and left behind MANY people who loved him.
Hat was always known for wearing his famous hats. He was a sharp dresser who always had stylish hats. He loved to play pool. He was well known on 54th street, and will never be forgotten.
Let me tell you about MY last encounter with Hat...He walks into the clubhouse wearing a nice suit and stylish hat. He peers across the room, smiles, and yells "do you know what your doing with that poolstick?? Come play a real pool player" to my husband standing near the pool table. He lays his money on the table and says "I'll wait to whoop you."
He walks over to me (I am cooking that day at the club house) and says "Hello first lady, how are you??" I respond that I am fine and we give eachother a hug. He very politely asks "can I have some know what I like, and I see that you are busy so take your time making it." Hat walks over and kills him in pool. He comes back to where I was and picks up my youngest daughter and says with a BIG smile on his face "your daddy doesn't have anything on me when it comes to pool, maybe you or mommy could teach him a thing or two." and he laughs.
We sat there and had a drink together while he ate his chicken. He told me how important kids were, and how my kids kids should always mean the world to me. He told me to cherish the times I had with my kids, because although they are small and can be hard, soon enough they would grow and would not need me as much as they do right now. He said my kids were a blessing to me, something that were MINE and I should cherish them like a gem, keep them with pride, and love them like no other.
Hat.....I miss you already. You were always so full of wisdom and grace. You always had a stylish hat on and always brought your heart of gold with you no matter where you were..take it easy big daddy....see you when I get there :)