Crazy young mom of 3

I am 26 years old with 3 small children. My hubby has 2 kids of his own. I work, feel like I am going insane most days, but somehow I manage to make it thru. My life is crazy...

Friday, February 24, 2006

Flavor of NASTY!!!


Flavor flav......Has anyone actually seen this show? It is about a bunch of women, I believe they have norrowed it down to 4 women now who are competing for this guys love. He may have money, but he cannot even begin to speak any form of the english language. He has re-named all these women with names like New York and other lame names for people. These women are claiming to love him, get all upset over him, booo frickin hooo over him, and he is plainly in my book a waste of sperm...

Thats just how I feel.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Bubble guts!

So my children have been sick. My oldest and me were sick first. Now a week later my little ones have been sick. They have the stomach flu. It's disgusting. My house smells of fresh puke. I have cleaned and cleaned it, but once the chemical smell of cleaning products wears off, the puke smell comes back. My 2 year old has been running fevers and has mustard poop! My 8 month old has been puking, running fevers, AND has a double ear infection. The dr. prescribed her antibiotics, but she can't start them until she stops puking so she can keep them down.
ME??? Oh I am stressed! Since having my 3rd child, I have yet to feel the need to go insanely crazy. Most women get all psycho after having kids claiming they are stressed and blah blah blah, but never me. I figured, this is my 3rd baby, so nothing surprises me nor bugs me. (Nothing a good stiff drink can't cure anyways)
But recently I have taken up the ways of a crazy woman. I am stressed. I yell at the hubs alot. I get off work and think do I really have to go home to those crazy kids??? I have been shaking alot. I just feel overwhelmed. I'm having a hard time coping. I know I need time away with just me and the hubs to relax. We were supposed to go away this weekend, but if the kids don't get better my babysitter (and good friend) will NOT watch them. This is the last weekend I will be available for a long time. The following weekend is opening season for pony and Shetland baseball. As anyone with kids in baseball knows, once baseball season starts you have NO LIFE! One child practices every Tuesday and Thursday, one practices Monday and Wednesday. Practices has already started so I basically get up, go to work, get off work, go to practice, go home, feed the kids, bath the kids, put kids in bed, then I shower and pass out! Once the season opens I will be busy as well with games and afterpartys on the weekends. So I am PRAYING please kids feel better, so my and daddy can go out for the weekend, party, and have alone time!

My Valentines day consisted of me working. I workd and took the kids to practice. Just to be able to give hubby his present we had to sneak to the car so we could be alone for 5 minutes. I got him a new vest (motorcycle one) that he wanted. Plus massage oils and flavored motion lotion..the banana one is the best but I got him assorted. (not that he cares the flavors anyways since I am usually the one tasting them LOL)
He got me flowers. I know I will sounds like an ungrateful B**CH by saying this, but he got me some ugly flowers. The kind from the grocery store that are wrapped up with whatever flowers they have plus ALOT of babys breath, and when he took them out and put them in a vase they looked really ugly. I didn't say much, but I thought he might do better than that. I should have known better because last year he got me nothing....honestly!
We cooked dinner, but everyone came over (just showed up) including my mom, dad, brother, cousin, and 2 friends, so when I sat down to eat the only thing left over was corn and a piece of sausage. I just said I wasn't hungry. The hubs apologized later and asked if I wanted him to go out and get me steak and Lobster from Red Lobster but I said no thanks. I had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich instead. AT least he came to bed last night and watched some tube together. We couldn't talk loud or have any action cause my daughter was in the room and very very restless, so any movement and she was up screaming!
I did buy my mom and my very single friend some flowers.

Oh yeah I got a new car. Actually a mini van. It's cute. It' s bigger than an average van, but not a full complete size van. It seats 8. I'm happy about that. I got that on Thursday. it only costs me $54.00 to fill it up LOL.
Okay so I should do some work. I will write me later.

be good!!

Thursday, February 09, 2006

YAY it's February!

Okay so I am a little late since it is actuallu Feb 9th. I just thought I would update my blog. I know that I do not blog EVERY day, but hey when I do blog I usually have interesting stuff to write about. Besides, it's not like ANYONE actually reads MY BLOG (at least I think no one does, but hey if ya do let me know your reading cause thats kind of cool!!)
So here we 5 year old son has been really sick. He has a horrific cough/asthma problem. I was out on Superbowl Sunday and he stayed with my mom. She had to take him to urgent care and they immediately took him back and gave him a breathing treatment and said he was having a bad asthma attack. He missed 3 days of school this week too.
My 2 year old gave us yet another trip to the urgent center last night! He was also taken right back but he had a burn on his hand. My dad decided to cook (actually burn to hell) a chicken on the rotisserie on the BBQ grill. It was crazy burned and he laughed yelling "call for a pizza, the old man burned the chicken"...and this probably would have been funny except that he layed the chicken, with the rotisserie (long metal sharp stick) still shoved firmly up the chickens butt on the table. My 2 year old son was right next to him so what does he do??? Grabs the stick of course!!! (You think my dad would be smart enough not to have layed it he new around here????) My dad yells MOVE YOUR HAND!!! He does and screams something awful! He burned 4 of his fingers. I took him to the urgent care..They gave him tylenol with Codeine for the pain...that pretty much took the edge off. They wrapped him up pretty good.
Moral of kids are a mess right now...LOL

In other news, I think I posted about being a prospect awhile ago. I am officially a member now. It's really cool...really fun!!
I did my back 5 grand woohooo!! I am looking for a new car right now, well not new NEW, but new to me. I want a used car with a 3rd row seat.
My mom is broke and has a hunch that I got $$ so she of course is hitting me up everyday. I know she is my mom and all but damn I got my own family to support. We do NOT fit in my little 2 door car (HELLO illegal and unsafe seeting for my kids) so we usually can not go anywhere as a whole family without me bringing a friend to drive their car and sit some of my kids in their cars.

Okay I know that was a pretty random post....but I got alot out...
I gotta actually do some work ( I am at work)

Toooodllleessssssssssssss :)

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Why the US Navy is better than the Iraqi Navy...

Funny stuff....

Need I say more?