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Friday, April 28, 2006

If you pee on my I will give you a 25 cents!!

Okay so I know it has been a long time since I was able to post. I should be spanked! My computer at home got some sort of weird virus and it took FOREVER to fix it. I usually blog at work anyways, but I have been swamped and working late hours, so when I finally would get home all I would want to do is spend time with the kids and the hubby. The girl whose department I had to take over for awhile is back now, and month end is over, so I am back to my little routine where I am able to do what I want!

Little man has decided to show some interest in the potty. I am of course open to the idea. It is hard to train him though since daddy doesn't really know how to potty train, and throws a diaper on him alot!

I have found that little man LOVES quaters! I give them to him when he is good. He puts them in his piggy bank and saves them for when the ghetto ice cream man rolls around. He likes to use the potty with mommy because I give him a quater.
Last night he asked me for "tunty five cent pea's mom" I told him okay, I will give you a quater, but you have to do something for me, go potty. He takes off to the bathroom, mommy following.
Our bathroom time is sort of special. I know he is sitting their, with his pants down, and his hands all over his penis, but it is like US time, and I truely do enjoy it. Anyways, he gets in their, pulls down his pull-up, and sits...."tunty five cent pea's." I explain to him that he has to pee, flush, and wash his hands first. So he presumes to pee............except ALL OVER MY LEG!! He quickly pulls up his pants, washes his hands and again asks for a quater! I laughed. I mean c'mon, kids are funny. He didn't even realize that he peed on me! I could have gotten mad, but why??? I have learned to sit back and laugh at things instead of getting pissed.
Basically, my son peed on my leg, and got a quater for nice!!!
(I got to do laundry and take a shower...LOL)


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