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I am 26 years old with 3 small children. My hubby has 2 kids of his own. I work, feel like I am going insane most days, but somehow I manage to make it thru. My life is crazy...

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

If i could stop time, I'd stop you from growing!!!

Hello cyber world. I know it has been a long long time since I have had the chance to post. I basically have been living my life for my kids. If I have to take one more child's friend to practice, school, or just out and about with us I swear I will paint my car yellow and write TAXI on it. Maybe that was I can make up for the price of gas!! (I filled up today at 2.67 a gallon..yeah 60 bucks later my tank was filled)

My 5 year old has been having baseball games every week plus practice twice a week. Now that the time has changed he will be having more games during the week since it gets darker later in the evening. He is such a champ an doing awesome at baseball. I love this kid so much and often wonder how I ended up with such a smart, handsome, well balanced, loving child. If you seen him you would be jealous! He is the type of child if I were to introduce you to him, he would realize you were "mommys friend" and run up to you and hug you immediately with a big smile.

My two year old has us running around as well. We have learned that he is the type of child who just needs to stay busy. He is easily distracted and gets bored easily. When he gets bored thats when he acts up. He yells loudly for no reason. It is not an angry yell, but no less a yell that is annoying. He gets into things (ash trays from my moms house, other peoples drinks, anything he knows he shouldn't be touching) and it is just a way of saying I'm bored and your not entertaining me. I have found that if I am busy cleaning up the house, I simply just give him something to do, be it help daddy take out the trash, put magnets on fridge in order by color, help mommy put silver ware away **not the knives** or hold the dust pan he is cool with that and REALLY trys helping mommy. When I am not busy cleaning, I have been trying to keep HIM busy. I play with him alot, take him to the park, the jungle (a play land) to visit granny, read books, play the kitchen set, many things and it keeps him happy and out of trouble!

My baby is now 10 months old. She has grown soooo much!! I look at her and know she is my last child. I often feel like crying when watching her because she has grown sooooo quickly and this is the last baby, so tp speak, I will have. She is almost a toddler now. She is already gaining so much dependence. Little mama is crawling all around, she wanders about the house and tugs at my legs when she wants me to hold her. She is trying to stand. Little mama is starting to eat on her own. I TRY to feed her her baby food but usually she ends up feeding herself/making a mess. I don't get mad. I figure that she has to learn anyways and she is having fun! She trys to eat my food so I will give her bread or something soft on her highchair top and she grabs it, squishes it, plays, and then eats if if she hasn't dropped it on the floor. She is loving. She smiles when I come home from work and screams till I pay her some attention! She is really not that much work. She is content playing on her own, but loves to be played with at the same time. She lets the boys know she is boss. My two year old has problems playing gentle and doesn't realize she is still a baby and he needs to be easy with her so he tends to get RIGHT in her face. She looks at him and screams in his face when he gets too close to her. She doesn't scream long, just a short loud scream, like HEY MOVE JERK, this is MY territory. When my 5 year old ignores her she gets mad, and she creams at him like HEY PLAY WITH ME, and he loves her soo much he usually will.

My kids are growing, things are changing daily. I wish I could slow down time. Me and hubby are trying to find somewhere else to live. Hubby still is looking for a job. My job is pretty demanding lately. I am juggling things pretty well, except I rarely sleep! So hey when you see the 26 year old woman with 3 kids walking down the street with big bags under her eyes, and eyes as red as a tomotoe, smile, it is just me!!!!


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