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Friday, April 07, 2006

A woman's famous words...STOP errrr SHOP???

Little mama had me laughing so hard this morning! I was amazed. Her and daddy were laying on the bed. She was, as always, drooling something horrible. She drools. When i say she drools, I do not mean a little spit here and there. It is more like a faucet going off in her mouth. She already has 2 upper teeth and 3 bottom ones. Anytime you pick up my daughter, no mattter what time it is she will drool on you..It is gross at first, but now I just come to expect it.
Anyways, daddy and her were on the bed, she was drooling all over him. He was laughing (kind of like a your drooling is gross but I love you anyway kind of laugh) and telling he to stop. She quickly caught on and repeated dad.
Daddy: Grossss Stop
Daddy:Stop Stop
Daddy: hhahahaha STOP..for real stop biting my nose and drooling on me....STOP!!
LM: hahahaha SHOP SHOP
LM:shop shop
daddy: okay stop...wanna eat???
LM:mmmmmmmmmmmm (proceeds to screaming till fed)

Now do I know if she was REALLy saying stop?? Nope. I would be willing to bet on it though...awww how cute her first word was stop.....errrr shop......whatever!!


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