Crazy young mom of 3

I am 26 years old with 3 small children. My hubby has 2 kids of his own. I work, feel like I am going insane most days, but somehow I manage to make it thru. My life is crazy...

Friday, January 27, 2006

MY OB visit..horrid!!

So I was blessed with this little thing called a vagina. The vagina has caused me both pleasurable and horrific moments. Pleasurable would be when I am with the hubs doing the damn thing! Horrific moments seem to just haunt me. I have popped out 3 children, one 9 pounds 8 ounces, out of this thing. I have had horrible stiches down there 3 times making me scared to death to pee or boo boo. I have had multiple doctors/physicians assistants/nurses/hubby/ my mom(while giving birth)/ and every other god damn person who works in the hospital looking down there.

Today I went for my normal once a year this is why I hate to be a female check. They check EVERYTHING. My feet cause I am diabetic, rub my tummy feeling for hard spots, and my breasts feeling for lumps. Then they look in my ears, nose, and throat.
Next I get checked down there. I have had this done since I was 18. I feel a little disgusting if I do not trim down there, shave my legs, and have a nice pedi before going to the dr. I took care of all this last night. I thought I was totally prepared for this exam. I mean jeeez it sucks to have a woman down there, while your legs are up in the air, and she is "whistling while she works".
She does her normal thing..She puts the lubricant on her 2 fingers and feels me inside. Then she takes this huge meteal object and basically "widens me" by using the metal thing as a levy to get inside me. She swabs me, and then takes them metal thing out. I am happy. I don't have to see her again for a whole YEAR! But comes the horrific part.
It was me, the doctor, and nurse (AKA crotch watcher)
I am just about to sit up and feel way less vulnerable when I suddenly hear the crotch watcher gasp. She says "hhhhhhhuhhhhh WHATS THAT DOC????" I swear to you I thought I was going to die!! The doctor's reply was way more embarrassing, "Mrs. G, have you been checked for STD's since last year" my answer was "NO, I've only been with my husband and likewise." She starts to tell me I may have vaginal warts. I am of course LIVID! I am thinking I know I haven't been with anyone else, and am for the first time in 5 years doubting the hubs. I am almost so mad that I am on the verge of tears! But get this.....The doc starts laughing HYSTERICALLY, and replys "false alarm."
I was so mad...I said loudly "what the hell do you mean false alarm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what the hell is happening???"
She says "Mrs. G, are you wearing new panties today??"
I said "As a matter of fact I am"
She says "False alarm, it was just a few fuzzys from your new panties."

HORRIBLE........The simple truth is this...I walked out feeling horrible for doubting the hubs, and she walked out with $1500 from my medical insurance for the office visit.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Come on Feb 1st!

February is possibly my favorite month..I get my taxes done so I usually get to make my big purchase of the year. Last year I paid bills, but also bought a $3000.00 bed with a $2000.00 mattress....Expensive? yes, but it is sooooooooooo comfy and will last a LONG time! I have 3 dependents this year so I am very excited! I should get at least 6 or 7 grand back. I plan on putting 5grand down on a car and banking the rest...I'm lying, I will foolishly spend it on my and hubby probably. Oh well..
The kids are all pretty good. the 2 youngest ones (Jay and Tre) are starting to get the sniffles. Joe the oldest cool though. Next week starts T Ball officially. I dunno how I am going to manage with the thousands os practice and motorcyle business. I'm sure I'll be cool just busy.
Oh the motorcycle club is going ummm ok. I still feel uncomfortable at times. I have been out ALOT this month. Ishould become a full patch member on Feb 4th (our next meeting) and I will be happy cause I hate people telling me to simply "prospect go get me a beer" when they just walked out of the bar area after standing in a long line, but seen me and wanted to torture me by making me stand in the line. Or "prospect, get up and cha cha with me" while I am already making someones dinner plate. If for some crazy reason I do not get my patch next meeting I swear I am out. You see we have a run in Feb. and I am not trying to go away, spend day and night with these people and have them boss me around for 3 days. I will just get a propert of patch since hubby is president. I'm not too worried about it since the men vote anyways. It's a mens club, so ladies really have NO SAY, except ladies voice gets to put her little vote in.
I am having a really good day today. I got up at my normal time, jumped in the shower, and started to get my clothes on. Then I just felt like I really wanted to be in the bed with hubby still so I proceeded to get a robe on, jump in the bed with him and tease him slowly. I started with my hand, then lips, then tounge. He was really liking it, so he jumped on me and did the damn thing!! It was nice, quick, and refreshing...made me smile all day **Note to men...sometimes we like it long, passionate, sweeet...etc...but every once in a while it is nice to just get right to the point, like today**
hahaha I am sure you did not want to hear all that, but since this is MY journal..and hardly anyone reads it, I am going to write what I want! If you don't like it please don't read it and go AWAY!!!
Better go...the 5 o clock bell (yeah I am at work) is about to come.

Toot tooooooooooooooooooooot!!!

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

The adventure begins...

Okay so last night I went out with the ladies and gents from the club. It was short but fun. We were almost there when my sister in law buzzed and said we were supposed to pick up our other sister in law and take her with us (she is another club sister of mine.)
We turned around, got her, and headed to the 110 freeway. Anyone who has been on the 110 knows that this is a normally horrible freeway during the day. Night time is usually pretty good. We were there for at least an hour at a dead stop. All we could see was flairs from the CHP and they were letting each lane go by one at a time, but only 10 cars at a time. It sucked!
We made it there. Me with my little prospect patch. The first club was pretty fun. I met new people and seen people who I met last week as well. Everyone was saying damn your club is DEEP today. We had like 20 people with us with patches. It was really cool. Then we left and went to another club. The club was alright..the men got on my nerves. Someone puked on one of the seats (thank god I wasn't around to see that! )
We hung out for a bit, but then me and hubby went to the restroom (NASTY BATHROOM ALERT) and when we came out 2 people started fighting. Hubby was like time go to NOW and grabbed me and clung to me until we made it passed the crowd and out the door. I am sure he did it for my safety and I am glad. We then went home...passed out...and now here I am at work very tired but cool. I have a busy week ahead of me.
Today..after work go to Party city/Ralphs
Tomorrow..laundry after work
Friday...take son out to dinner with family for birthday.
Sat or sunday have b-day party, depending on the RAIN!
oh yeah Saturday night time we have a formal dance with the club and a birthday party for one of the members.
I hope by writing this all down that I actually have energy to do this all...wish me luck

See ya latah!

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Yeah so I know it has been awhile and I apologize. With the holidays that just passed, I was sooo busy that I couldn't even blog. Here is some updates for ya..
LBMC...yep I am now a part of it. It is a LA based motorcycle club. Hubby is president of it AGAIN this year. I am a prospect now, but I am sure I will soon get my colors.

Me and hubby are doing really well..I guess our biggest issue is respect. We now totally respect eachother so we get along better.

Kids...the 2 young boys are starting T Ball soon..I am sure that will be a crazy bizzzzzy schedule for us but we can manage.

Work..same crap different toilet..

Friends...Red was preggo but lost her baby. I felt really REALLY bad for her since her and hubby tryed sooo hard to get preggers, though I am sure she will be preggo again soon now that she at least knows that the body parts work to have a baby. T just moved in her own house with Shan...I am happy for them, but tired of hearing how broke they are.

Family..My brother is lame..he is now chasing some blond chicks that we have known forever. He is hanging out with these girls that are way too young for him in 29 Palms. He needs to just STOP and find someone his own age. I personnaly seen/talked to them at my grandpa's funeraland I just know that they are WAYY out of his league...he just wants a piece of ass I think. Mom is her usual work a holic self. Dads drinking has not changed any. He is still drinking his life away.

Other updates..I went riding and got WAY wasted..did the same on New Years. I am not a drunk though, that is the first 2 times I have drank in the last 3 years. Hubby realized he really likes when I drink..I get kind of, well....freaky in bed LOL to be quite honest.

Thats all for my updates...Toodles!!!!!!!!!