Crazy young mom of 3

I am 26 years old with 3 small children. My hubby has 2 kids of his own. I work, feel like I am going insane most days, but somehow I manage to make it thru. My life is crazy...

Friday, May 12, 2006


Why do you always seem so angry? your never happy anymore. All you talk about is how you want more money, and that the kids are driving you nuts. In the meantime I am falling apart inside but too scared to tell you cause I don't want to feed your anger. I may loose my job soon, or be forced to take another position that is below what I am doing now, so basically I would be moving down instead of up. My job situation is scary. My health is not so great. The vows we took meant that we should nourish and develop our marriage by undivided affection, which came from the foundation of divine love and remain faithful in body and in mind, in good times as in bad. What happened??
I love you unconditionally.
My friend what if has come into play now


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